[spacer height=”20px”]Long Term Care. Where every prescription matters.

Hometown Pharmacy works specifically with nursing homes,
assisted living facilities and other such settings to provide
patients with all their medication and medication related

Should you be, or caring for, someone moving to such a facility
and want to make sure Hometown continues to be providing you
with your medication needs, contact us.

Cuidado a largo plazo

Hometown Pharmacy trabaja especficamente con los hogares
de ancianos y instalaciones de vida asistida para
proporcionarle al paciente todos sus medicamentos y
cosas relacionadas. Si usted, o alguien que conoces
se va mover a una instalacin de este tipo y quieres
asegurarse que Hometown Pharmacy sea su farmacia
prefirida, pongase en contacto con nosotros.

Hometown LTC Pharmacy

1450 W McCoy Lane Ste.B Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: (805)928-2200 Weekend Phone: (805)322-3411 director@santamariarx.org Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Nursing and Board & Care Homes

  • Serving 53 facilities
  • Free daily deliveries

Mental Health Facilities

  • Phone: (805)614-5136
  • FAX: (805)739-9171
  • Serving 11 mental health facilities
  • Dedicated fax and phone lines for contracted facilities
  • Free Bubble Packing
  • Serving San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties
  • Free daily deliveries
  • On call pharmacist

Sterile and non sterile compounding

  • Pharmacy is a licensed facility for sterile compounding
  • Pharmacy equipped with 2 IV clean room

Assemblyman with staff