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Good health is more important than everything else. We who work in Hometown Pharmacies are proud of our expertise, and we keep ourselves updated on new products and medicines. You should be sure that you get what you should have. Prescription Medications are personal and we handle the matter in strict confidentiality. 

Your Pharmacy consists of privately owned pharmacies. That means we would like to adapt to local community needs and conditions, such as at opening hours, multilingual staff. It also means you can get a personal relationship with us who work in the pharmacy, and we to you. We are proud that customers feel they receive good service from us.

All our prescription products have undergone a rigorous quality control.  Our pharmacist are glad to offer free consultation, so you can be confident that you know what you get.

Are there any question about you medication, you are always welcome to call or write your pharmacist here!


Tu Farmacia – Hometown Pharmacies

La buena salud es más importante que todo lo demás. Los que trabajamos en Hometown Pharmacies estamos orgullosos de nuestra experiencia , y nos mantenemos informado sobre nuevos productos y medicamentos. Usted puede estar seguro de que va conseguir lo que usted debe tener. Los medicamentos recetados son personales y se manejan  en estricta confidencialidad .

Hometown Pharmacies son negocios privados. Lo que significa es que nos adaptamos  a las necesidades y condiciones locales de la comunidad , como en las horas de apertura, y atención multilingüe. También significa que usted puede obtener una relación personal con los que trabajan en la farmacia. Estamos listos y orgullosos de dar un servicio excepcional a nuestro clientes.

Todos nuestros productos de receta han sido sometidos a un riguroso control de calidad. Nuestro farmacéutico se complace en ofrecer consulta gratuita , por lo que puedes estar seguro de que vas a conocer tu medicamento.

¿Hay alguna pregunta acerca de tu medicamento?  Siempre son bienvenidos a llamar o escribir a su farmacéutico aquí!


We are aware that no two practices can have the same solutions and so we offer tailor made services that include customization in program expertise, analytical services and cycle management.


Out team is abreast with the latest in healthcare industry and same applies to EHR updates. We can help in implementation and integration of these into your system with minimal glitches during the transitional process.